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We are* Hugo Figueiredo A.K.A. HALF and we hope you enjoy your stay here. We have a plenty amout of works for you to explore, from graphic / multimedia design to illustration, and see if you are interested to know more and work with us as well.

*I can assure you that I don’t speak in the fourth person. Let’s just run with the metaphor of the hotel resort, shall we?




From Lisbon to the world (kind of), I’m a Portuguese designer, illustrator, and / or if you want to be creative, a pretentious visual artist inspired by pop culture.


Everything visual-related that you can think of, I am probably able to do. Web design, graphic design, motion, illustration, Legos – you name it. I enjoy experimenting and pushing my creativity to the limit, as long as the project allows me to do so (and as long as I had a good night’s sleep since I am a night owl).

And you (person or bot that is reading this and is looking for someone to work with) have an important role on that (just the creative part not the sleepy part). Just tell me what your challenge is, and I’ll help you achieve it.


Feel free to ask any questions, give suggestions, or share your deepest existential crisis thoughts. Just fill the form below, and I’ll be in touch.

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