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Fábricas de Água


Agency: Addapters
Client: Águas do Tejo Atlântico

Design | Motion

Águas do Tejo Atlântico (a subsidiary of the Águas de Portugal Group) handles the entire process, from purifying the water to distributing it to all the households around the Tejo river area.

In these brochures, they aim to explain, in a simple manner, what they do, how everything works, and how we benefit from and understand our own importance in the entire process.

With the aid of photos, infographics, and iconography that we developed, we believed we had found the most effective way to convey this narrative.

adp brochure households
adp water brochure
adp brochure cleaning water
adp brochure cover
adp brochure water
adp brochure households
adp brochure water cleaning