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Client: Smile Masks


What was the worst thing that the pandemic brought? Okay, putting aside being stuck at home, being away from family and friends, and sanitizing every 5 minutes.

Clearly, it was having to wear a mask everywhere. But since we had to do it, why not do it with a smile on our face (literally)?

This Smile Masks x O Bichinho project is the creation (once again) of two individuals who were confined during lockdown and had to be creative to stay sane.

Being as friendly as they are, they asked me if I was also going crazy, and that’s when the idea came up to design a set of masks for them to produce and sell.

Inspired by the notion that we are much stronger on the inside than the fear we display on the outside, the outcome was “Exoskeleton” (in three colors) and “TLoU2” (the inspiration is quite on the nose).

mask teeth black
cool face
angry face
mask teeth red
mask teeth blue
smile face mask
smile face
mask horse last of us